• Alicia Napierkowski

    Alicia Napierkowski

    writer. editor. calligrapher. artist. words: Teen Vogue, HelloGiggles, Shape, & more. aliciamnapierkowski.com | alicia.napierkowski@gmail.com

  • Susan Bell

    Susan Bell

    Inspirational writer, and business coach. Starting each day with a handful of sunshine & willing to share it with you. https://www.smartreprenuer.com

  • Nicole Chang

    Nicole Chang

  • Felicia Sinusas

    Felicia Sinusas

  • Simran Sethi

    Simran Sethi

    I am a journalist, occasional academic and independent scholar focused on the intersection of science, culture & sustainability. IG & TW: @simransethi

  • Carli Pierson

    Carli Pierson

    IHRL attorney & writer. Bylines in: PBS, USA Today, Independent UK, Al Jazeera, Romper, Ravishly, & National Catholic Reporter.

  • Nina Cleere

    Nina Cleere

    Nina is a copy and content writer who has written for B2B and B2C companies, law firms, and beauty brands.

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