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Nicky LaMarco writes product reviews and shopping guides for Medium.

ColorOnly sent me a kit to try out. I haven’t dyed my hair in over a decade, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ve been wanting to cover my graying hair for some years. I was a little worried about getting a good color match for my hair online.

Fran Drescher, the star of the hit sitcom “The Nanny” from the 90s — one of my favorite shows — is the spokesperson and brand ambassador for ColorOnly! Fran played an important role in the creation of ColorOnly and the product design.

My experience using ColorOnly

The entire process took just 10 minutes…

Best article backup system for writers

So, I was trying to back up all of my articles manually with a PDF converter and it was taking forever. I have thousands of articles out there. I’ve lost many of them from websites going out of business or selling them to other websites or them just disappearing. It was frustrating and incredibly time-consuming.

I don’t remember how I found Authory, but I am SO GLAD I did! Authory backs up all of your articles for you and keeps them safe. Even if the website your articles are published on goes down or…

Epson sent me their new EcoTank ET-4760 Printer for review and I must admit, I was a little sad about getting rid of my old printer, but it was starting to die. That changed quickly when I printed the test page. The colors are vibrant and crisp! I was hooked. Bye old printer!

The Epson EcoTank is a 4-in-one printer with a scanner, copier, fax, and printer, although I think the fax is a bit outdated. Does anyone fax documents anymore? Am I alone in this?

Anyway, you can choose between ethernet connected printing or wireless. The printer holds 250…

Get your personalized vitamins delivered — no guesswork

I’ve been using Persona Nutrition Daily Vitamin Packs & Subscription for four months now, and I am hooked.

I used to Google which vitamins and minerals I needed to buy and what the dosages should be. Then, I learned that my prescription medications could deplete some of these vitamins and minerals from my body, so I had to figure out how much more I should be getting in those supplements.

That’s a lot of research work on my end, and buying the right supplements separately every month is expensive. Not to mention…

Grab some new self-help books for the new year!

Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life

There’s an 80% chance you’re time-poor and author Ashley Whillans can help you with that. Time Smart will make you think about how you spend your time, and how you can do better.

Demdaco Giving Shawl

The Demdaco Giving Shawl is the most comfortable shawl I’ve ever tried. It comes in a cute gift box ready to comfort whoever you give it to, even yourself. Colors include cream, light purple, sage, charcoal, pink, or taupe.

Letsfit Smart Watch

I LOVE this smart watch! It tracks my workouts and my sleep. It tells me my heart rate, how many calories I burned, my walking distance, and more. It even tells me when I fell asleep when I entered deep sleep and for how long, and when I woke up. I also use it as an alarm clock.

Eat well and be well this new year with a little help from these items.

Vous Vitamin

Vous Vitamin is completely personalized for your needs, created by two doctors. Just answer a few questions, and you’ll get the multivitamin blend you need and take one pill twice a day.

Let’s get the New Year started right!

I don’t know about you, but one of my New Years’ resolutions is to get healthier. I try to stay healthy all year long, but there is always room for improvement. And don’t forget about self-care and relaxation!

X-HMT Heat + Massage Office Chair

Treat yourself to a luxurious office chair that not only provides great comfort and keeps you ergonomically aligned, but also has heat and massage. I have the X² Executive Task Chair and I LOVE IT. But this one has 4 different combinations of massage, two levels of massage (gentle…

Enjoy a healthier and happier you this year. Let’s get it started right.

Part of my New Years' resolution each year is to be more organized. Here are some ways I’m doing that this year.

Ucam Indoor Security Camera by Tenvis & IoTeX

Upgrade your indoor security with this camera by Tenvis & IoTeX. It uses end-to-end encryption and blockchain technology to protect your privacy. Features include two-way audio, night vision, motion detection, Amazon cloud, SD card storage, full HD 1080p, and 350-degree pan, and 110-degree tilt.

Nicky LaMarco

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